Working hours contract II

Contract II about working hours and vacations

In force since 2004-07-16, valid until before 2015-06-26




During the leave for child care until the age of 3, the employee has the right to resume work at any time, based on a written request submitted to the employer, and may benefit from the reduction of normal working hours under the conditions provided by the collective or individual employment contract.


In force since 2015-06-26



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Both the partially paid and the extra unpaid leave for child care can be requested and used in full or in parts, based on a written request of the employee, at any time, until the child reaches the age of 3 and 6, respectively. During this period, the employee may go on leave or return to work whenever he needs and may benefit, in accordance with art. 97 of the Labor Code, from part-time work.

If the employee on one of the childcare leave wishes to resume work before the expiry of the leave period, he shall inform the employer in writing at least 15 working days in advance of his intention.